Privacy Policy


Information Collection

The following information may be collected throughout this site: contact names, contact numbers, methods and contact locations. This type of information is provided only directly, by the individual/company.

GORD Telecom Towers (GORD) may occasionally measure its advertising performance through use of cookies; information obtained through Cookies tell us which pages are most commonly viewed during a visit and help us determine the popularity of our products. Pages that contain these cookies are visibly marked with a statistics banner showing at the bottom of that page.


Information Use

Information obtained is to assist us in responding to questions/requests and will be kept confidential; we use such information to determine pricing, availability or eligibility of our products/services for a particular applicant.

The contact information provided by applicants will not be used for SPAM purposes. We do not send unsolicited information. Upon your request, we forward only the information related to the request (i.e. Catalogues, brochures, lists etc.)

GORD does not disclose or sell any collected information to third parties.


External Links

This privacy policy applies only to GOR’s website. We are neither informed nor responsible for the policies and practices of any sites that are shown as external linked. It is recommended that individuals read each site's policy statement before visiting pages.

For further information: Call +(905) 791-5800 extension 221, or email the webmaster.