EIA/TIA Standard

The TIA/EIA-222 (F & G) standards apply to steel antenna towers and support structures for all classes of communications service, such as AM, FM, TV, VHF, Cellular/PCS, Microwave, licensed and unlicensed frequency bands, etc.

The standard utilizes wind and ice loading criteria based on an annual probability. It was originally designed for the United States however it can also be adopted for international applications, provided that the appropriate wind (fastest in 50 years recurrence or 3-sec. gust per “G” revision) and ice loading is available.

The main intention of the standard is to serve the public interest and protect the public safety through eliminating misunderstanding between manufacturers and purchasers. The information contained in the standard represents the accepted industry practices in the design of steel antenna supporting structures and is revised regularly to maintain its modern state of tower design practiced within the industry. This standard ensures that buyers have the opportunity to specify and obtain the highest quality product available for any given application.


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