• Structural Analysis & Design: Maintaining the latest technology in structural analysis software allows us to provide accurate analysis and practical  designs on guyed masts, self-support lattice towers, monopoles, roof mounts and related civil works

  • Structural Specifications: Compliance of our designs with CSA, EIA or B.S. to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products. In addition to standard products, we create designs for projects where customers have specific requirements

  • Project Consultation: We offer a client company to development and/or implementation plans from conceptual planning to turnover

  • Design Reviews: Feasibility analyses, product specification reviews, evaluation of alternative designs and support structures

  • Reports: We provide detailed structural analyses, engineering reports and P. Eng stamped drawings for site plan preparations and construction permits.

Canadian Standards Association Standards (CSA)

National Building Code of Canada (NBC)

EIA/TIA Standards


  • Both standard & custom fabrications are performed on premises, using high precision equipment and workmanship
  • Our facilities are located in North America and in the Middle East. Fabrication in each plant is according to specific regional requirements: EIA/TIA-222, CSA-S37, B.S., and ICAO
  • Welding is per AWS and CWB standards and by certified CBW welding fabricators
  • All steel is hot-dip galvanized per ASTM and CSA standards. To maximize environmental protections, members are galvanized after fabrication
  •  All members (including hardware) utilize high steel quality. Mill test reports are retained for quality verification of structural

Basic Guide to Hot Dip Galvanization


Field Operations

  • Site assessment and analysis of site services

  • Structure installations, foundation and grounding work

  • Installation of antenna and antenna mounts, cables, feeders etc.

  • Stamped drawings for site preparation and construction permits

  • Site clearing, sweep testing of equipment

  • Access Roads, Compounds

  • Turnkey project management from inception to completion





  • Structural Investigations of existing structures for all structural integrity issues

  • Fire damage, fatigue, natural damage, seismic retrofit, human damage and facility upgrade are some of the areas we have experience in investigationRestoration

  • Engineering: providing condition surveys, inspection reports, design and construction reviews, recommendations on structural repairs and re-enforcements